Saturday, June 27, 2009


Although this blog is intended for those interested in Psychology, or the improvement of Psychology which I refer to as "Esochology", I can't imagine anyone not being interested in knowing the name of that which Rene Descartes was searching for when he settled for "I".

The Apapsyche became a necessity when I intuited the concept of Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy. That is, the concept that God is composed of NSgy, and as such God is an Absolute Energy. And if one accepts my criteria for Absolute: Is permanent; Cannot change; And can never be other than it is, ever, then God, and since the Soul is an aspect of God, the Soul could not itself interact with the various regions of the Creation.

That is, an Absolute Energy cannot change, and since the vibrational Energy of the Spiritual realm is permanent and fixed, it cannot possibly interact with the vibrational energies of the three basic divisions of the Creation, whose energies are all stepped-down variations that are different from pure Spirituality. Both the Bible and the Eastern mystics tell us that this inability of God to interact directly with His Creation was resolved by His projecting a special Energy for this purpose. In Christianity it is known as the "Word", and in
Hindi is it known as "Shabd". Both the "Word or Shabd" [same thing by different names] supports the entire Creation and everything within it.

The human being is said [by mystics] to be the microcosm in which the macrocosm is contained. That is a huge "clue" for those who discount the Esoteric realms within Man because they can't discover them with their brains. The Esoteric realms are the other regions of Creation existing within Man as the MIND and Spiritual realms. Imagine that! The entire Creation can be contacted from within Man. Phenomenal concept... that science and most intellectuals deny, ignore, and ridicule.

Modern mental health, or what I refer to as BS&
bp [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology"] have been in denial of the Esoteric realms within Man since the early 1900's. But back to the Soul and my need for it to interact with the MIND and Spiritual realms within Man.

I recalled that from my own research of Eastern mysticism, I was familiar with the
Shabd, and when I intuited the phrase Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy, the purpose of Shabd became quite clear to me... and it was an easy extension to apply this same solution to the Soul and its inability to interact with the MIND and brain. It took some time to determine the correct symbol, but from that exercise came the "Apapsyche".

Apapsyche has two aspects by which it works. No proof of this of course, only logic and intuition. One is the Attn Aspect, which is the faculty of attention, and the other is the Awar Aspect, or the faculty of experiencing. Being composed of NSgy, the Attn Aspect can instantly adopt itself to each of the three vibrational energies which make up the Whole Human Being. The Awar Aspect always follows the Attn Aspect and what it is focused upon is what the Awar Aspect is experiencing.

So when the MIND wants one to think a certain something, it feeds a MIND-level thought to the Left-Hemisphere of ones brain, and ones
Apapsyche situates itself in ones Left-Hemisphere and converts the MIND-level thoughts into brain-level thinking... which I refer to as Delusional Thinking, or D-Think. I refer to it as D-Think because most often such thinking is intended to nudge ones thinking one way or another in order to strictly adhere to ones Fate Karma.

I speak with authority regarding all this only because I have been working with these operations of Man for the last couple decades intentionally and prior to that for a total of thirty years intuitively. I have just in the last couple decades come to identify what I have Known intuitively much of my life. The problem is.... what I have just explained to you cannot be "proven" for those whose fear prevents them from embracing their own intuition sufficiently to discovery the Esoteric from within themselves. You see, the peculiar thing about the Esoteric is that it cannot be conveyed in words... except abstractly [devoid of the actual vibrational experience which the words cannot convey]. It can ONLY be discovered from within oneself while one is engaged in intuition. Ones own
intuition allows one to actually experience and thus awaken to the vibrational Reality that can ONLY be Known while ones Attn Aspect is actually within the realm ones Awar Aspect is experiencing.

In other words it is not ones brain that has anything to do with this process. It is strictly ones
Apapsyche that awakens to the Knowledge that is contained within itself. And ones brain cannot perceive ones Apapsyche, ones intuition, ones MIND or ones Spirituality. Ones brain can think, and very often even its own thinking is being directed by the MIND. All of this is factual, but it will be stoutly denied and ridiculed by those who have no idea what I am talking about. But for those who are a bit psychic, or intuitive, this should be a joy to get this introduction to what is responsible for ones awareness: Ones Apapsyche.